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TomsToolbox.Wpf.Converters Namespace

WPF converters
Public classCode exampleAggregatingMultiValueConverter
A converter that aggregates the inner converters for all values, overcoming the restriction of .Net that IMultiValueConverter can't be nested.
Public classArithmeticMultiValueConverter
A IMultiValueConverter that performs a arithmetic operation on all items.
Public classBinaryOperationConverter
Applies the Operation on the value and the converter parameter.

May also be used as IMultiValueConverter where both operands are specified using bindings.

Public classBooleanToVisibilityConverter
The counterpart of VisibilityToBooleanConverter.
Public classColorNameToBrushConverter
Converts a color name to the corresponding solid color brush. See BrushConverter for supported values.
Public classCompositeConverter
A converter composed of a chain of converters. The converters are invoked in the oder specified.
Public classCompositeMultiValueConverter
A IMultiValueConverter that chains one IMultiValueConverter with a list of IValueConverter. The MultiValueConverter is invoked first, and the result is converted by the Converters in the specified order.
Public classConfirmedCommandConverter
A converter to use in ICommand bindings to intercept or filter command executions in the view layer in MVVM applications.
Public classConfirmedCommandEventArgs
Event arguments for the Executing event.
Public classCoordinatesToPointConverter
Converts WGS-84 coordinates (Coordinates ) into normalized logical XY coordinates (Point) in the range 0..1 and back.
Public classDoubleToThicknessConverter
Converts a single number to a uniform Thickness, optionally multiplying with the thickness passed as converter parameter.
Public classEnumToBooleanConverter
Tests if an enum value matches one of the given values provides as the converter parameter. If the enum has a FlagsAttribute, the match is done with the logic "is any flag set".
Public classEnumToValuesConverter
Converts the specified enum-type into an array of the individual enum values. The converter parameter can be used to specify a comma separated exclude list.
Public classImageSourceToImageConverter
Converts an ImageSource into an Image. Needed to assign an image source to an item via a style setter, e.g. Icon.
Public classLogicalMultiValueConverter
A IMultiValueConverter that performs a logical operation on all items.
Public classMultiValueConverter
A base class for multi-value converters performing pre-check of value and error handling.
Public classObjectToAttributeConverterT
Converts an object to a value derived from an attribute of the object.
Public classCode exampleObjectToDescriptionConverter
Takes an object and returns the description taken from it's DescriptionAttribute
Public classCode exampleObjectToDisplayNameConverter
Takes an object and returns the display name taken from it's DisplayNameAttribute
Public classCode exampleObjectToTextConverter
Takes an object and returns the text taken from it's TextAttribute
Public classReplaceTextConverter
A converter that converts the specified value by replacing text using a regular expression.
Public classStringToObjectConverter
Public classThicknessMultiplyConverter
Multiplies all corresponding members of two Thickness. structures. The first structure is passed as the converter value, the second as the converter parameter.
Public classUnaryOperationConverter
Applies the Operation on the value.

Either a boolean or an arithmetic operation for built in types, or the negation defined by the objects negation operator overload.

Public classValueConverter
A base class for value converters performing pre-check of value and error handling.
Public classValueConverterExtensions
Extension methods for value converters.
Public classVisibilityToBooleanConverter
The counterpart of BooleanToVisibilityConverter.
Public enumerationArithmeticOperation
The arithmetic operation performed by the ArithmeticMultiValueConverter
Public enumerationLogicalOperation
The logical operation performed by the LogicalMultiValueConverter
Public enumerationUnaryOperation
Unary operations supported by the UnaryOperationConverter