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TomsToolbox.ObservableCollections Namespace

Classes and functions around observable collections.
Public classObservableCompositeCollection
Public classObservableCompositeCollectionT
View a set of collections as one continuous list.

Similar to the System.Windows.Data.CompositeCollection, plus:

  • Generic type
  • Transparent separation of the real content and the resulting list
  • Nestable, i.e. composite collections of composite collections
Public classObservableExtensions
Extension methods for some observable patterns.
Public classObservableFilteredCollectionT
A simple filtered collection implementation.

This collection contains only the items from the source collection passing the filter.

Public classObservableIndexerTKey, TValue
A Dictionary like implementation that populates it's content on demand, i.e. calling indexer[key] will never return null.
Public classObservableListAdapterT
Public classObservablePropertyChangeTracker
Helper class to create typed change trackers from arbitrary lists.
Public classObservablePropertyChangeTrackerT
Tracks PropertyChanged events of all items in an observable collection.
Public classObservableWrappedCollectionTSource, TTarget
A read only observable collection of type TTarget where TTarget is a wrapper for type TSource.
Public classReadOnlyObservableCollectionAdapterT, TList