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TomsToolbox.Composition Namespace

The basic infrastructure to adapt various DI frameworks
Public classExportAdapterT
Public classExportInfo
Export information for a specific type.
Public classExtensionMethods
Extension methods for the IExportProvider interface.
Public classMetadataAdapter
An adapter to provide a dictionary with metadata as IMetadata
Public classMetadataReader
Metadata reader the for MEF 1.0 (System.ComponentModel.Composition) or MEF 2.0 (System.Composition.AttributedModel) attributes.
Public interfaceIExportT
Encapsulation of an DI exported object with generic metadata.
Public interfaceIExportT, TMetadata
Encapsulation of an DI exported object with metadata.
Public interfaceIExportProvider
Retrieves exports which match a specified ImportDefinition object.
Public interfaceIMetadata
A collection of named metadata objects.