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TomsToolbox.Wpf.XamlExtensions Namespace

Special namespace that contains classes that are usually used only in XAML and not by code. In code the class names would be ambiguous, while in XAML a namespace prefixes is needed anyhow, so the useage is clear.
Public classButton
XAML extensions for the Button
Public classColumnStyles
A class to manage the column styles of a DataGrid
Public classDataGridColumnStyle
Defines the column styles for a data grid column.
Public classDataGridColumnStyleCollection
A collection of DataGridColumnStyle objects.
Public classKeyboardNavigation
XAML helpers for keyboard navigation.
Public classPolyline
Extensions to properly display a Polyline in the coordinates of the containing canvas. It normalizes the points and aligns the polyline so the coordinates of the points match the coordinates of the canvas.
Public classValidation
Validation XAML extensions.