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TomsToolbox.Wpf.Interactivity Namespace

System.Windows.Interactivity extensions
Public classCustomNonClientAreaBehavior
Behavior to emulate correct non client area handling for transparent windows that draw their own border and caption.
Public classFrameworkElementBehaviorT
A Behavior with build in support for the Loaded and Unloaded events.
Public classListBoxSelectAllBehavior
A behavior for a list box to handle the interaction betwen the list box and a "select all" checkbox.
Public classMapPanBehavior
Implements pan behavior for the Map control.
Public classMapTouchBehavior
Behavior to add support for touch manipulation to the Map object.
Public classMapZoomBehavior
Implements zooming behavior for the Map control.
Public classNcHitTestEventArgs
Event args for the NcHitTestEvent event.
Public classPasswordBoxBindingBehavior
A behavior to enable access to the Password property.
Public classPopupFocusManagerBehavior
Handle focus for popups opened by toggle buttons. When the popup opens, the focus is set to the first focusable control in the popup. When the popup closes, the focus is set back to the button.
Public classSelectGroupOnGroupHeaderClickBehavior
If attached to the root visual in the group header template of a selector control, all items in the group will be selected when the group header is clicked, or added to the current selection when the Ctlr-key is down.
Public classSelectionRectangleBehavior
Adding selection rectangle behavior to a layer canvas. Selection is done with the right mouse button.
Public classTimerTrigger
A trigger that continuously fires while the associated object is loaded.
Public classCode exampleUpdatePropertyAction
Updates the associated objects binding of the specified property; e.g. display computed properties like current time without the need to write a special services that provide individual property change events.
Public classWindowButtonsHandlingBehavior
Attaches default handling for the WindowCommands
Public classZoomFontSizeOnMouseWheelBehavior
When attached to a framework element, the FontSize property will be changed upon Ctrl+MouseWheel events.
Public enumerationHitTest
Hit test values for the NcHitTestEventArgs