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TomsToolbox.Wpf.Controls Namespace

Some common reusable WPF controls
Public classIcon
An image control that accepts a list of image sources and displays the image that best fits the size of the control.
Public classInPlaceEdit
Text control supporting in place editing.

Editing starts

  • by deferred mouse double click
  • by pressing F2
  • setting IsEditing to true

Editing terminates

  • when the focus gets lost (changes accepted)
  • when setting IsEditing to false (changes accepted)
  • when the user clicks outside the text box or moves the mouse wheel (changes accepted)
  • by pressing RETURN (changes accepted)
  • by pressing ESC (changes rejected)
Public classLoadingIndicator
A loading indicator showing a rotating animation when active.
Public classMap
A control showing maps represented in a tile system, e.g. Open Street Map, Bing or Google maps. See e.g. for a description how the tile system works.
Public classMapTile
Represents on tile in the map.
Public classPixelSnapper
Moves the view port by fractional pixels, so the control's top left point is always aligned on a pixel boundary. See e.g.
Public classCode exampleSharedWidthHeaderedContentControl
A headered content control with it's header on the left side. Host in a panel with the IsSharedSizeScopeProperty set to true to use the same width for all headers.
Public classViewportCanvas
A canvas that transforms the coordinates of it's children to the own visual before arranging them. It is used to have an overlay of non-scaled object on top of a scaled object, where the coordinates of the overlay objects are expressed in the coordinate system of the scaled object (World). One major use case are e.g. pin points on a map, where the map scales, while the pin points only move but keep their size. While the Canvas only accepts one of Left/Right or Top/Bottom, with the ViewportCanvas you can specify both to stretch the object accordingly to the transformation.
Public interfaceIImage
Implemented by image providers to provide a dynamically loadable image.
Public interfaceIImageProvider
Implemented by image providers for the Map control.
Public interfaceIMapTile
Implemented by representations of a map tile.