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TomsToolbox.Wpf.Composition Namespace

WPF visual composition framework implementation
Public classCommandRoutingBehavior
Handles routing of a command from the CommandSource to the view model. Using this behavior ensures that the command is only active if the view is loaded.
Public classCommandSource
Command declaration to be used with visual composition.
Public classCommandSourceFactory
Base class for command declaration to be used with visual composition.
Public classCommandSourceFactoryT
Base class for command declaration to be used with visual composition.
Public classComposableContentControl
A control used to create dynamic content from an DI container.
Public classComposablePartWithContextT
Base class for a view model with a typed composition context.
Public classCompositeContextMenu
A context menu that uses the composition framework to build it's content dynamically by collecting all exported CommandSourceFactory objects with the matching region.
Public classCompositeContextMenuExtension
A markup extension to create a CompositeContextMenu in XAML.
Public classContentControlCompositionBehavior
Retrieves the exported object that matches RegionId and Role from the composition container and assigns it as the content of the associated ContentControl
Public classDataTemplateManager
Access methods for composite data template exports.
Public classExportProviderLocator
Provides location service for the export provider to the WPF UI tree.
Public classImport
A helper class to host attached properties for import.
Public classImportBehavior
A behavior to set a dependency property of the associated object to a value retrieved from the DI container. The default target property is the DataContextProperty.
Public classImportExtension
The XAML equivalent of the ImportAttribute. Use like the StaticExtension; uses the MEF IExportProvider to create the object.
Public classItemsControlCompositionBehavior
Retrieves all exported items with the VisualCompositionExportAttribute that match the RegionId from the composition container and assigns them as the items source of the associated ItemsControl

If the items control is a Selector, and the composable object implement ISelectableComposablePart, the selection of the selector is synchronized with the IsSelected property.

Public classModuleResourceUriAttribute
Attribute to associate a resource with a module; when a module is loaded dynamically, the resource can be linked into the application resource scope.
Public classRoleBasedDataTemplateKey
A resource key for data templates, like the DataTemplateKey, but adding a Role property to distinguish several data templates for different roles.
Public classRoleBasedDataTemplateSelector
A template selector that finds the DataTemplate by the RoleBasedDataTemplateKey.
Public classVisualCompositionBehaviorT
Base class to implement visual composition behaviors.
Public interfaceICommandSourceFactory
Public interfaceIComposablePart Obsolete.
Interface to be implemented by all objects supporting visual composition.
Public interfaceIComposablePartFactory
Interface to be implemented by all objects supporting visual composition and provide individual objects per context.
Public interfaceIComposablePartWithContext
Interface to be implemented by all objects supporting visual composition and require a context.
Public interfaceIDataTemplateMetadata
Meta data for exported visuals.
Public interfaceISelectableComposablePart
Base class for items that export a selectable item for a selector control.
Public interfaceIVisualCompositionBehavior
Common interface for visual composition behaviors.
Public interfaceIVisualCompositionMetadata
Export metadata for composable objects.